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Historical Background :

"GROSZY* Overprints, used for only I8 months, created a very unique part of Polish Philately.
This exhibit displays all officially approved district overprints as well as small local offices that made their own creations for overprinting. The structure of this exhibit follows accepted rules established by well known philatelist Mr. S.Mikstein in 1952.


Scope :

Sixty years have passed since the original issue of the "GROSZY" overprints and it is stilt easy to find official district types.Some of the district types were seldom used and are difficult to find.
Local overprints are extremely difficult to find as they were issued by smaller local post offices.
Local overprints were issued in hundreds not millions like the district issues. It is nearly impossible to get a complete collection if the local overprints are to be included.No official notice of postal rates are known. Postal rates changed frequently and were not recorded.

Material Availability :

This exhibit is the result of 30 years of patient collecting. The collection is 100 % complete. Commercial mail is shown where available otherwise philatelic inspired material is used.

Philatelic Elements :

There are two sections in this exhibit

- District types (1 -26B)
- Local types (27A - 49}

Philatelic Research :

Collaborated with fellow collectors in Poland to update Philatelic knowledge.

Highlights :

I dare say that this is the best "GROSZY" exhibit ever shown in this country (USA).
There have been some exhibits with District types only, but never with Local types included. Starting with Local type 27A, this section contains many "Gems", including a hand written letter from postmaster of Wielka Wieś na Helu with two stamps.This original letter is reproduced in reference catalog: Polish Postal Marks, V. II, Ruch 1960, page 430,

All throughout the Local section are collectors dreams. For many of these there are only a few in existence, e.g. covers Rzeszów T-36 with stamp #17 Skolimów T–44 Łoniów T - 48.
All significant items are expertized.

References :

Fischer catalog 2008, pp 99, 359-364, (enclosed) 1960 set of Polish Postal Marks, Ruch. Vol II pp
Kolakowski's book 1952 New York is commonly used but is out of date-Old "Polonus bulletin" had many pages on "GRQSZY" subject.

Collecting "GROSZY” is not only learning, spending money and sweating, but Is pride of achievement and accomplishment.





This exhibit is a study displaying the Provisional Issues of Poland "GROSZY”
(100 Groszy = 1 Złoty) overprints. These stamps were used from November 6, 1950 to April 30, 1952.
Over the next 80 pages, you will see a very interesting mess created by the former communist rulers.


On October ZS, I950r the Polish Monetary System introduced a new "Złoty" replacing all earlier issues at a rate of one hundred old Złoty's to one new Złoty, Due to the imposed November 6th deadline,  the Ministry of Post and Telegraph were unable to print and distribute new stamps.As the deadline could not be met, it was decided to overprint existing stamps with "GROSZY”
This imposed deadline resulted in the creation of twenty six different official, government approved, "GROSZY" overprints. Some of the local post offices did not receive the official overprints and had to create their own. Approximately two types are. known and cataloged as local overprints.Millions of some stamps were overprinted, but only hundreds were done by hand at focal post offices. The most scarce of these local overprints are Skolimów, Tomaszów, and Łoniów. In which less than 10 covers exist today. It was determined that the composition of the black ink was damaging the rubber overprinting device so additional colors were necessary.
The most popular colors were purple and violet. Red, blue and green were rarely used.

All significant items have been expertized.

Page 2 : Examples of all recorded overprints

Pages 3-48: District overprints
Pages 49 - 80: Local overprints

Significant items are on a blue background



USA Awards :

1.  CHICAGOPEX, NOV. 21-32008

-  Gold Medal - Chicago Philatelic Society-
-  Special Award from Collectors Club of Chicago Philatelic Exhibitors.


-  Vermeil Medal - Sarasota Philatelic Club.
-  Gold Medal - Polonus Philatelic Society.

3.  THE PLYMOUTH SHOW , April 25-6,

A World Series of Philately of The American Philatelic Society.

-  Vermeil Medal.
-  Plymouth Show Special Award.
-  Medal of Excellence - American Philatelic Society.
-  Gold Medal - Polonus Philatelic Society